Friday, January 22, 2010

One Year Later

Hi everybody,

I'm not very good about posting updates. Please feel free to connect one on one at any time. Today is the one year anniversary of the seizure that started this whole process. I smacked into the left side barrier onf the 1-25 express lanes at about 4:30pm on Jan. 22, 2009. Luckily I was with seasoned road warriors who took care of the situation and saved the day.

I didn't think that today would be such a big deal to me but it is. I remember how I felt seeing the paramedics pull me out of the van. I remember not knowing what was happening. I remember gridlocked traffic and flashing lights. I remember the ER doc telling me he thought I had a brain tumor. I remember talking to Becky on the phone and the subsequent conversations. with people I love.

I've been through 10 rounds of chemo at this point and it is still really hard to define exactly where we are at, but we've made progress and we're moving forward one day at a time. There are good days ahead and bad days ahead but we'll get through it together. I face the same level of certainty as everyone else. You wake up one morning and things get turned upside down so try your best to live gratefully.

I hope to get out for some vacations this year with my wife, family, and my good friends. I'd like to think that we deserve it. I can't express the feelings of gratitude I have in my heart for everyone who reads this blog and who wishes me and my family well. My faith has grown stronger and your prayers and well wishes DO make a big difference. Never underestimate the power of your words or your thoughts.

I want to mention my wife. I couldn't do this without her and she has to be the one who deals with "cranky chemo Jason." Nobody else has to see that side of me luckily. I still feel really loved and she takes good care of me. There is no luckier person and I seriously mean that.

I also want to mention those who have been given a bad hand and are dealing with it. I want to tell John, John, Garrett, and your families how much I admire you and that I'll continue to pray for you all.

Times are tough right now for a lot of people. The country of Haiti has been devastated and thousands of people have had their lives completely changed. I don't have a specific charity in mind because I think you should give to the organizations you believe in, but please consider doing a little something for those people.

Become a better person today and watch the world around you get better too. Thanks for everything.