Saturday, March 28, 2009

Diagnosis - The Short Version

I've told this story many times now so I'll be brief:

Begin: 1/22/09

Super healthy >> go to work>> Driving home>> seizure>> close call>> we're okay!>> paramedics>> what the???>> hospital>> CT scan>> "you have a brain tumor">> No, just kidding its an arteriovenous malformation>> Becky and Parents arrive>> go home>> wait>>wait>> wait>> wait>> wait>> appointment with neurosurgeon>> "this is pretty darn serious">> uh oh>> am I going to die?>> we all die>> but not at 28>> well, some of us>> fuck that>> hospital>> brain biopsy>> intensive care>> listen to Beatles, talk with nurse, visited by wonderful people>> get catheter out>> go home>> wait>> wait>> wait>> emails, cards, and food from amazing people>> wait>> go back to work>> wait>> wait>> get results>> Grade II>> yea!>> but extensive>> oh.>> oligodendroglioma>> huh?>> of the options available that's good>> oh okay good>> meet with neurosurgeon>> meet with radiation oncologist>> meet with medical oncologist>> meet with another neurosurgeon>> another seizure>> another ER>> Dilantin level super low>> up the dosage>> up the dosage again>> dizzy pretty much all the time>> get chromosome results>> mostly good>> Close to treatment plan>> Primary Wave II of Cycle wave (c) of Supercycle wave (a) of Grand SuperCycle wave (IV) begins in the stock market (that's a rally)>> NCAA Tournament starts>> Carolina wins>> Carolina wins again and again>> Carolina Wins National Championship and I know I'm going to make it!

Hopefully beginning treatment soon. Almost certainly a combo of radiation and chemotherapy. Not operable. More soon.


  1. So Jason, in your honor, I have been thinking a lot about Broccoli lately. I'm wondering, have you ever saved the water that you steam broccoli in? It actually makes for a good tea...sort of tasty in a broccoli-type way. Jesse thinks it's crazy but I like it.

  2. Er, that last comment was from me, Sarah Berwald and not Jesse. Just fyi.

  3. Looks like North Carolina blue is a great choice for jkarma army is statistically the winningest color out there...


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