Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Proper Hospital Ride Etiquette

I am not allowed to drive since suffering a seizure on January 22nd. This means that I either use my legs like a sucker or get a ride where I need to go. Unfortunately I need rides to medical appointments pretty frequently which is no small task given that I have to go to Denver for even the most minor of appointments. I commute via vanpool though so sometimes my coworkers let me bum a ride.

Today I had to go to the hospital to get the dilantin level in my blood taken(anti-seizure meds) from Lovely Jacqueline over at Kaiser. My boss graciously offered to give me a ride. As we sat at the corner of 17th and Downing I pompously recommended that she maybe take a left as it was an easier way to get to the hospital. The look she gave me would have killed a small moose but she very patiently reminded me that she lives about 2 blocks from St. Joes and that it was her hospital too. I thought there would be bloodshed but we continued on down 17th to Lafayette.

Turns out, this is a much better way to go...

Apparently, I'm a really awful backseat driver. My wife is already tired of this and I fear I may not be receiving rides anymore. I apologize freqently, but continue to think I could do better.

I remind all of you suffering from epilepsy or who can't drive to hold your tongue and display the proper etiquette when riding to your appointments. Failure to do so may have dire consequences. I'll have to diversify my ride givers.


  1. I think the problem is that Jason and I are both egregious backseat/passenger seat drivers. On Sunday Lydia informed me I should shut it or drive every time. With a couple of Alpha Andrettis in the car trouble is bound to happen.

    And, if that is what you consider patient, I have definitely set the standard pretty low at work...

  2. I'm a terrible rider...just ask Carly. I'm obsessive about control of moving automobiles. I pretty much never ride with anyone unless it just cannot be avoided. I'm having to learn as well...with the purchase of the new car I cannot drive it all the time, so I'm having to develop a new attitude. I feel for your riding angst.

  3. dude - i will give you a lift anytime ... just ask me, J. and i never know where i'm going so you can tell me directions all day long.

  4. Hahaha! My husband constantly tells me "you know, that pedal doesn't work, right?" I am always stepping on the invisible brake, and I always tell people they are following too close, or not close enough, and which lane is the best lane to be in. I feel your need to backseat drive! I know it is annoying, but I can't stop!! If I lived in Ft Collins I would drive you, and then we could bicker at each other about driving. It would be sooo much fun.

  5. I just want to confirm that Alyssa is a terrible backseat driver, and even directs me where to park and how. I think I'm just going to start dropping her off at the door. Or blindfolding her.

    So you give her all you got, J!


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