Tuesday, March 24, 2009

? is for chromosome

Results of my chromosome test are hot off the presses. I've been waiting for this information since my brain biopsy on February, 9. Things move a little slower in Colorado apparently.

Anyway, looks like I have double deletion of the cromosome 1p and 19q which is favorable for oligodendroglioma. I think this means we have a better chance of fighting it, but PLEASE SPARE ME THE RESULTS YOU FIND ON GOOGLE ABOUT THIS OUTCOME. I have already worked myself into a tizzy several times by doing this and I'll take the feedback of the neurooncologist over wikipedia.

So that's good news.

Bad news is that I also lack P-ten. The lack of this chromosome is usually associated with more aggressive tumors.

My biopsy sample came back as a Grade II tumor (low grade), but there is some evidence to suggest now that parts of the cancer may be acting more aggressively than others. The genetic markers are just another step in the (glacial) process and I'm hoping to get in to see the neurooncologist this week to add her recommendation for the treatment plan. We know that the tumor is inoperable due to its size and nature.

Overall, good news for the most part. but just more reasons to bee positive!


  1. Yeehaa! for double deletion.

  2. alright ... i am thanking the universe for the good news and sending good vibes to all news that may be.

  3. Hey Man...great to hear the good news!!! Your attitude is awesome, stay strong J!!!



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